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Monday, March 5, 2007

Mathematics Laboratory

Sharing with you experience of mathematics laboratory and how it has helped the students in learning of the mathematical concepts.
· The idea behind introducing the concept of Mathematics laboratories is to try and make the curriculum transaction of the subject more meaningful.
· This has served as a platform to explain abstract concepts that are generally difficult to teach students in the classroom.
· The initiative of setting up the mathematics was laid on the foundation by noting that the current style of teaching of the subject lays "too much emphasis on symbols, formulae and their manipulations and relatively little attention to physical significance and interpretation''. By means of simple activities we are able to explain the abstract concepts.
· Surely, I have realized that it is an important initiative towards making learning a more enjoyable process.
· All the students are empowered to actively do meaningful mathematics. They have gained confidence in their ability to do mathematics, become mathematical problem solvers, reason mathematically, and communicate mathematically.
· Accordingly, my role has changed from that of a dispenser of knowledge to that of a facilitator of learning. Being a teacher I simply guide my students through experiences in which the students explore, verify, generalize, and apply results to other settings and realistic problems.
· Earlier the students use to hesitate in asking the question and now after exploring the concepts and visualizing them ,they are able to reason their queries while discussions in the classroom.
This change really makes me happy because being a teacher whatever we do, is to benefit our students.

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