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Monday, April 7, 2008

Mobile has changed my way...

Technology has greatly impacted on the ways of teaching learning. I believe it has provided teachers with lots of new options to explore and utilise effectively in delivery of lesson content in a more effective way. Gone are the days when students use to copy from the blackboard and do mathematics just with a monotonous chalk 'n' talk. Time has changed , so are the ways of teaching and learning.
Mathematics is a subject of hidden incredible creativity. Since I joined this profession, I keep on trying different ways for teaching my subject and delivering the content.I am very fascinated towards picture based learning techniques because I believe visualisation of a concept is essential for better understanding . I have lots of electronic gadgets which I keep on experimenting and using in my teaching. I have a camera mobile Nokia 6681. I thought of using my camera mobile for this purpose.
Here I am sharing my experiences…
In the beginning I use to click photographs from my surroundings showing mathematics. e.g. Photographs of boards and banners having different geometrical shapes, leaves of a tree showing some patterns of numbers, 3 dimensional architectures etc. When I showed these pictures to my students then they easily correlated them to what they learnt in their textbooks. I found it to be a quite useful strategy for learning and relating to daily life.
Then I gave it as a project assignment to my students and I received a incredible response from them. They used their mobiles for clicking each and every step of the procedure of their project work. I have uploaded their work on my blog http://mykhmsmathclass.blogspot.com/ . I would like to share links of some incredible work done by them. Here are the links :
  • Making of a GeoBoard
    We have a mathematics laboratory in our school. In mathematics laboratory we use to learn mathematics through hands on activities utilizing various strategies like paper folding, cutting and pasting etc. One day while teaching in the laboratory I thought of using my mobile for clicking photographs of each and every step of the laboratory activity. Experiment showed miraculous results. I made a slide shows on http://www.slide.com/ and a digital Photostory using the clicked pictures. You may view the slide shows http://mykhmsmathclass.slide.com . Then I upload them on my blog. With pictures and explanation, now math activities are more fun.
    I have created some short videos of short cuts in mathematics using my Nokia 6681 mobile like this one. It is quite useful and helpful for students as well as teachers. Also videos created by mobile are easily transferred to computers and uploaded to blog. Here are the links of videos.
    Recently I thought of creating some paper folding steps for making some math stuff. Then again I used my mobile for recording the steps in the form of a video.
    The blue tooth facility of a mobile is amazing. The data can be transferred to another blue tooth enabled machine in a fraction of seconds.
    In the end I must say creativity has no ending, one must strive for exploring new techniques and do something different for making learning a memorable journey for students.


Toni Twiss said...

Hi there

I really enjoyed reading your post - thank you so much for sharing your ideas - complete with real examples. I summarised your post on my own blog about mobile phones in education. It is great to be learning from teachers all over the world as this is really what we are trying to get our students to experience! It certainly makes the world a very small place!

PDonaghy said...

Hi Rashmi
I really like the mobile phone video idea. Will also be writing a post about it. Thanks for sharing!

poonam said...

Hi Rash,
i tried adding my bubble share couldnt do it to my blog will u tell me how did u do it?

Anonymous said...

thanks !! very helpful post!

Anonymous said...

i truly love all your writing choice, very helpful.
don't give up as well as keep posting as a result it just simply that is worth to follow it,
looking forward to see much of your own writing, regards!

Jen said...

Hi! My name is Jen and I am doing a project for my grad class(Instructional Media from Wilkes University) on cell phones in the classroom. I have seen that you have used cell phones in your classroom and have a few questions for you if you are willing to share with me on this topic. I just have a few questions...

1. What is your school's policy on cellphones?
2. Parental involvement and feedback?
3. Challenges, both technical and policy related...
4. What got you started with using cell phones in the classroom?
5. How do your students feel about it?

Thanks for your time! You can email me at vander7679@gmail.com

Padgett Gilbert said...

I love the idea of using a cell phone in the classroom and letting the students use them to do projects. I really enjoyed your blog!


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