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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tips 4 teachers

This is what I have realised...
If you are a beginner...
1.Before you use the technology with students, first use it for yourself. Explore ,learn and then experiment with students.
2. Feel free to share and learn together. Sometimes students are smarter. Let them come forward for help.
3. Use Networking sites for exchanging ideas and learn from experiences of others.
4. Make a mind map of what you exactly want to achieve , your constraints and plus points.
5. Learn both offline and online applications.
6. It is not essential to use a tool,if it is there. Plan a need based strategy which suits to your subject demands.
7. Be mentally prepared for spending extra time and effort with a positive attitude. This is a kind of investment, which would pay you interest in later years.
8. When you experiment ,create or innovate ,your greatest support is your intrinsic motivation.
9. It is not necessary that one successful experiment with one group ,will be successful with the other one too. You need to learn all possible e strategies before experimenting with students. Always be ready for a change.
10. Keep in mind to be focussed to achive learning objectives. One must not be vague.
11. Try to tahe benefit of what students are comfortable in. There are many students who can be like a leader for helping other students.
12.Do not restrict the use of technology for teaching only. Let it involve all aspects like reading,writing,brainstorming, note making, mind mapping, quiz, crosswords, timelines ,record keeping, communicating, interacting,collaborating,sharing etc.
13. Take a regular feedback from students and parents .
14. Never be scared of using technology. It is meant for you to make things better.
15. Learning is a never ending proces. Keep experimenting new things,atleast a new thing each year.
16. Try to use a tool which is easily available to students even at their homes. Go for some open source solutions.


MrsC said...

I caught your link on Twitter. This post is exactly what my school district needs to hear. We have many beginners and early adopters. I like how you broke it down into a list. I will link this to my blog and encourage others to read the steps.

samccoy said...

Your tips are excellent advice, especially about letting students help learn with the teacher. One of my favorite math professional development leaders always said that you should embrace the students who know stuff already for they are "teachers in training".

Thanks for making such a complete list of ideas to think about as a guide for future professional development.


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