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Friday, June 20, 2008

Animated mathematical figures

In an e teaching workshop organised by CII Shiksha, I got to know about a cool animation tool UnFREEz. The addition of this e software to my directory helped me to add life to still mathematical figures. I experimented with this software in creating some animated mathematical stuff.
Have a look.
The following three figures are created to explain the properties of a rectangle viz. both pairs of opposite sides of a rectangle are equal, each angle of a rectangle is a right angle and diagonals of a rectangle are equal.
The figure given below may be used to understand the concept of vertices of a cube. Observe the pink dots. My students were making mathematics project on optical illusion . I thought of creating animated illusions using UnFRRez. Two parallel lines turning into a pair of intersecting lines ... Two equal lines turning into unequal lines...

Do you want to download it?
Here is the link.


PDonaghy said...

Good use of the software Rashmi. I like it and am going to try it out!

Grace Kat said...

Thanks Rashmi, I'm going to have a play with it and then have some students have a go - what a great tool!


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