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Saturday, October 25, 2008

An interesting puzzle maker

Are you creating Jigsaw puzzles on your own???
Formulator Tarsia known earlier as Formulator Jigsaw is an editor designed for Teachers of Mathematics creating the activities in a form of jigsaws or dominos etc for later use in a class. It includes the powerful equation editor for building the math-expressions for the activities. An advanced feature of text placement along the side of the shape makes this tool irreplaceable software for fast activity creation. Formulator Tarsia became a powerful tool for learning activities since it supports the activity templates. It enables easy support of teachers and gives them new perspectives to development of their teaching activity.
This tool is very interesting!!!
To know more...Here is the link


jolinarodriguez said...

Hello nice and informative blogs ideals and help teaching technique

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Kids Online Store in India said...

Hey thanks for the link.. This tool seems to be very helpful for teachers..You are rite this tool will really prove to be interesting...


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