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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Errors in Mathematics

Students of Grade 8 committed following mistakes at the time of examination.
1. Cancellation of numerator and denominator terms
2. Solving exponents

3. Numerical transformations ...70 is not equal to square of 35

4. Importance of putting brackets


maggiev said...

Jip, cancelling terms across a fraction and exponential errors (!!!) has also been the major headache in all the years I have taught! It is great to see it "out there"!

EeHai said...

It seems to be the same errors across the board. Understanding the basics is still the best option to master math. Constant practice to re-inforce the principles is one way to force the brain to capture the technique before they are lost.
Maths Is Interesting!

Learn Mathematics said...

Make it a habit to note down all your errors on reserved pages of your notebook. Write details of the correct ways of solving the problems on these pages. Just make sure you include the basic concepts of solving the problem.

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