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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Learning from errors

While evaluating examination papers , plenty of math errors are noticed which are commited by students. Some of them are purely conceptual which reflect no clarity of concept or using wrong math concept , some are misread type- students show carelessness while performing calculations, addition operation is mixed with multiplication ,figures are not correctly drawn, word problems are not properly translated to mathematical equations and so on.
Learning from mistakes is a strategy for improving oneself. Why not try this for improving mathematics concept learning?
I have created a new blog http://mathematics-errors.blogspot.com/ for this purpose.
Please reflect your views on it.


Navi Arora said...

Thanks for the great maths blog....keep writing !


Anonymous said...

sri said.
it useful school student and teacher this blog

Online Math Problems said...

I really enjoy your blog. I am a beginning teacher and find the resources on your blogs fantastic! I plan to use the math mistakes examples as a teaching tool where students have to find where the math mistake was made and how to correct it! I also love and plan to use your Picture Mathematics. What a great warm up for students to see and digest in the beginning of each class. Thank you for sharing your math ideas online!

Anonymous said...

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Dissertation Help said...

This is extremely helpful info!!! Especially since you guys are offering it for free!! Very good listing. Everything is true. Thanx.

Dissertation Help said...

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