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Friday, April 17, 2009

Importance of Mathematics in daily life

Mathematics, Maths, Math...You say this in front of anybody , he/she would like to add something about it. Mathematics is an integral part of our life. Believe it or not " THERE IS NO ESCAPE"
Yesterday I floated this question on my twitter network."Where have you used Mathematics today?? One use...quick response will be appreciated
  1.  mcarls@rashkath Ouch, balanced my bank account online (double checked it) after vacation! Also checked about delicious math tags after your tweet 
  2. crthibodeaux@rashkath to calculate pages read by students in my classes. 
  3. MariaDroujkova@rashkath Not counting the Great Circles workshop, I had to approximate my trip there (on foot and by bus) - a bit of logistics today.
  4.  prodev@rashkath Making breakfast for my kids I measureed & then cut food into geometric shapes. Then I shared a % of My orange w/the dog
  5.  malinkaiva@rashkath Where have I used Mathematics today?? ...in Computer Graphics too: http://tinyurl.com/cyfkgl
  6.  malinkaiva@rashkath Hi Rash! Where have I used Mathematics today?? ... for example in device simulations:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSUF1JudNS8&fe
  7.  elemtech@rashkath I've used math to calculate how many hours of spring break we still have left this week.
  8.  kolson29@rashkath in my daily life, used to calculate calories - in school used in math lesson on division and fractions!
  9.  JohnSW35@rashkath Looking around. Do you have any interest in Summer Math Reading? What does that include?
  10.  mrmackenzie@rashkath used maths to put numbers into standard form to save using a calculator
  11.  mrstucke@rashkath Calculating how many songs I could fit on a new hard-drive
  12.  Holtsman@rashkath Counting money at a drive through.
  13.  josepicardo@rashkath I used mathematics to realise I had been short changed at the sweet shop!
  14.  kaferico@rashkath I used math today when I made coffee this morning. The amount of coffee (ounces) I used was proportional to the amount of water.
  15.  jdwilliams@rashkath We looked at AZ Cardinals drive summaries from last season and added negative and positive integers. So in math class...
  16.  mikeheth@rashkath Figuring change for buying 2 coffees / 1 gal. of milk. Needed to estimate so I knew the change was right. No calculus involved :)
  17. njtechteacher  Use math today to estimate how much money I needed to give my sons to get groceries from the store.
  18.   teachernz@rashkath Hi thanks for following me. Where in India are you so i can stick a pin in my map?
  19.  langwitches@rashkath Google Earth Tour around our town. Students are looking for Geometric shapes in buildings & measuring distances in yards & meters
  20.  Fouss@rashkath figuring out easiest way to make change for $7 when I have $23.
  21.  lekahe@rashkath I have a day off and was shopping, so I added up how much I spent today :)
  22.  sgauthier@rashkath I used math in calculating my calories and fat in my breakfast
  23.   dmcordell@rashkath I used Math to estimate how much money to pre-pay at the gas station (tank capacity, % left, cost per gallon)
  24.  capohanka@rashkath I used math today when I checked to see how much time I had left on my laptop battery and decided I needed to plug in the charger.
  25.  dianadell@mcarls @rashkath I used math today to add check amounts together for a bank deposit.
  26.  glassbeed@rashkath I used math today thinking about temperatures and what I was going to wear for outer clothing (spring here is slow coming).
  27.  greenskunk@mcarls @rashkath Used #math for Spreadsheet calculations, Web Statistics, Timesheet and Web Design
  28.  teachernz@rashkath Had to take my son to his friends for the first time.. needed to look at postboxes to find the house-1311,1313,1315,1317,1319 Yay!
  29.  LParisi@rashkath How I used math today: I estimated how much milk I had left to decide if I had enough for a bowl of cereal. (I had just enough.)
  30.  NeilAdam@digitalmaverick @rashkath checking train timetables and when I need to leave the house
  31.  mrthomson@rashkath In calculating time for Kutcher / CNN to win battle to 1 million followers. Also rejigged finances, use of Excel/maths there!
Thanks to all those who participated.


dkuropatwa said...

That was a very cool use of twitter. I think I might like to try that as a live demo in class one day.

So my first reaction here was: Cool! My second reaction was: hmmm ....

One of the five misconceptions people have about mathematics is:

math = calculation

which is sort of like saying:

ELA = grammar & spelling

Sure it's an important part of the subject but it really only scratches the surface of what math is about,and not very deep scratches at that.

A better, IMHO, view of mathematics is:

mathematics = pattern recognition

I thought these two tweets were closer to how I'd like my students to think of math:

"Students are looking for Geometric shapes in buildings" [unfortunately, this tweet ends with math = computation]


"figuring out easiest way to make change for $7 when I have $23"

Although, even these aren't quite the sort of thing I'm thinking of when I think about: What is math?

In any event, I think I might try the live demo in class and ask the students: "So, how many of these people are thinking mathematically and how many of them are just figuring?"

Thanks for the inspiration Rath. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cb malling has great information on this topic
I would bookmark it for further reference

Anonymous said...

i just want ask,wat is social perspectives for the importance of mathematics in our daily life...coz i cant see it wat's de social perspec for dis math


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