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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Writing Mathematics Expressions

Writing Mathematics expressions on a computer is not an easy task for teachers as well students. But at the same time, it is important to write correct Math expression for learning the same correctly. One of my colleagues on Mathematics 24x7 initiated this discussion and shared some interesting Math expression typing software/tools.
1. Sitmo equation editor (a Google gadget)
You may embed it in your blog. Teachers/students can easily type in the desired expression .It is free.
2. Online equation editor
3. Mathematical formulae on Web
This is quite interesting. It generates HTML Code which can be easily added as a part of blog post with no complexity of uploading image of expression. Maths online offers a tool which makes the generation of HTML code for Maths formulae a fairly easy matter. Earlier I use to write a quadratic equation as ax^2 +bx+c=0, a not equal to 0, a , b, c are real numbers, but now by using HTML code , I am writing it correctly (as it is given in textbook ) ax2 +bx+c=o , a¹0, a , b, c are real numbers.
Here are some softwares shared by Mathematicians via Twitter
Lekahe there is Open Office Math to be used with Open Office Writer. MiKTeX is a visul LaTeX editor, but maybe hard....
montgorp re writing math expressions: we use fx equation. Better than mathtype but only works on windows
samjshah MathType (in MS Word) and LaTeX
awbaggaley latex for maths on computer
dansmath for expressions and equations I use Mathematica and save as tiff then paste into Apple Pages. Whole algebra book done this way.
k8nowakusually MathType, sometimes LaTeX.


greg.johnsong said...


The neat part about AsciiMath is that kids quickly pick up how to enter `sqrt(n+1)` and so on.

Mr.TX said...

I'm sorry if my comment don't have any relation with your article, could you give me some explanation about invers-logarithms? I found many difficulties to learn it. Thank you for your reply..

Burt said...

Thanks much for the links to different tools for writing math expressions. It was very helpful.

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