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Saturday, September 5, 2009

13 Learning Times Tables Links

Multiplication tables plays an important role in learning Mathematics. Children move away from learning them. Technology has helped teachers by offering interesting tools/games/software for helping children to learn concepts and practise.

Here are some interesting links

1. Times tables generator You will get times table generated in click of mouse. Just type in the number and click...

#2 (Free and Downloadable )

Here is an interesting downloadable Math game which may be used for practising tables. I find it different and challenging too.Try it!

Valgetal Falling Numbers 3.23

#3 (Free and downloadable)

Another one is Multiplication Master...Free multiplication tables practice software.Fast, simple and easy to use for budding multiplication masters of all ages!Keeps your score so you can see how well you're doing.Single table mode lets you focus on one multiplication table at a time - the fastest way to improveRandom feature tests you against all the multiplication tablesIncludes reference tables to help you learn multiplication tables fastUnlimited use. Practice as many multiplications as you want, as often as you want.Completely free. No charge for this software - ever.Here is the link to download.

#4 (Free Junior edition)

This one is learn MathMatic JuniorMathmatic is a program for learning and drilling multiplication tables 1 through 12. It is dedicated to that unique task and it does it thoroughly. MathMatic generates and PRINTS DRILL SHEETS. The user can choose between Mental and Written learning modes and use the timer to measure performance. MathMatic's sounds and colors are fully user definable. The Junior Edition is Freeware and is directed towards young students (multipliers bound to low values).

A free multiplication program for kids... MULTIPLICATION FACTS lets you learn and practice the basic times tables using the numbers zero through twelve. And it's FREE! MULTIPLICATION FACTS lets you work with any digit(s) you choose. Review times tables, see graphic representations of problems, or take speed drills. The program grades your performance and provides feedback. Print worksheets for practice away from the computer.

Checkout Times tables activities,games and worksheets ...quite interesting!!

Tables tree-an interesting game to practice multiplication tables.


A complete website on multiplication for teaching learning multiplication facts.


Visualising Multiplication tables using this applet.

Visual Multiplication


Answer 10 multiplication questions. How much time did you take?

Tables times


Multiplication flash cards on Quizlet.


Interactive practice of times tables. Click on a box. Drag the right answer from the numbers given on RHS.

Explore Multiplication tables in an interactive manner.


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