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Monday, September 7, 2009

Different methods of starting a Math lesson

Well start is half done!

If a teacher is able to capture attention in the beginning of a lesson then half of the job is done. This means the first two classes of a Math lesson are very crucial. There are various methods of beginning a Math lesson in a creative manner.

#1 Making a connection- Everytime it is not essential that we are going to start a new concept. Students have some knowledge about it earlier. So, forming a connection by asking questions based on previously gained knowledge of students is a tried and tested strategy which helps in motivating students for further learning.

#2 Showing a picture - A picture says a thousand words. In a math class, one may begin a lesson by showing a picture from surroundings showing the use of some Math concept leading to introducing new concept.

#3 Story telling - This helps a lot in the beginning of a lesson. I believe we as teachers need to capture attention of students so that their focus is on the new topic. Story telling is indeed a good way to start a lesson.

#4 Realising the need to learn- Why we are learning this concept ? Why it is important ? This must be answered in the beginning.

#5 Involving students - Calling students names in between , taking their help ,taking their examples helps in capturing attention till the end of class.

#6 Showing real objects - Sometimes it is feasible to carry real objects in a classroom. Students may be asked to look around themselves to observe things also.

It is the way how a topic is introduced which matters a lot.


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Anonymous said...

I have been using so many of the techniques that you are using too :)

I just use some sites to do it so that my work is less ;) and also my kids are more open to listening.

RebeccaHoesman said...

This is helpful to my class I am in for technology and mathematics. Thank you!


Essays said...

Maths was like a monster for me when I was young. But, since the technological era have started, more and more creative and comprehensive learning methods are emerging. Great info.

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