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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Number triangle 1.1

Number triangle 1.1 is a freely downloadable Math puzzle.

The purpose of this task is to get the largest total at the top of the triangle by putting in numbers in the bottom line. The rules are that the numbers on the bottom line must add up to a specified number, for example 10.

To get the number on the line above we have to follow simple rules
Odd next to an even number = Multiply them and put answer in box above.
Odd next to Odd = Subtract and the difference goes in the box above.
Even next to Even = Add them and put the answer in the box above.

General Features include:
Simple Type in the base numbers and the totals will be automatically worked out.
4 different levels with different Totals. (only 3 available in Freeware version).

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