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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Let students explain the concepts- Trigonometry Class11

 I am going to share with you an interesting way to know whether students have learnt Mathematics concepts or they need to improve?
 I asked my students of class 11 to solve a question and explain it to me as if I am a learner. It really worked well. I recorded their videos when they were explaining their questions. Students of class 11 find difficulty in solving questions from the chapter Trigonometry as it involves application of various formulae. This strategy helped in instilling confidence in students for solving problems. After the class was over they said "We will not forget these questions". Also, I could see their faces reflecting feeling of achievement "Yes I can do"!!

See some examples:
1. Evaluate tan (19 P/3) 

2. Evaluate Sin (-11P/3)

Watch more such videos http://mathematics4class11.blogspot.in

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Narender Gilhotra said...

One thing is sure that when you are successful in making them believe that you really don't know how to solve that particular sum, then you would be surprised to see their show and efforts involved. I have been experiencing this since 1999.


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