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Sunday, December 18, 2016

What is the best gift you would recommend to your students this holiday season?

It is a great honour for me to be named in Top Global Blogger Teachers .

This months question - What is the best gift you would recommend to your students this holiday season?

Children are our future. We feel happy when they are happy. In India we celebrate all festivals. Here, the summer break is the longest break. In general for a holiday season we tell our students to enjoy to the fullest and spend good time with family and friends. They are given holidays homework as well for keeping the pace with what they had learnt in the school.
The best gift for children recommendations are as follows:
1. Personalized notes by teacher to make them feel that they will be missed, they are unique, they are special and we love them.

2. Getting connected on social networking sites, sharing pictures and news.
3. A charter plan for what they can do during holidays like going to relatives, spending good time with family, sharing stories, playing and enjoying with friends, reading a lot beyond text books, enhancing skills, doing a course from outside for improving skills and enhancing knowledge.
4. The perfect gift for them would be to make them feel like a king or a queen where there is a freedom of thoughts and a lock of self discipline. Yes, when children own the responsibility to learn, explore and share. If they get capable of doing so, they start enjoying and contributing to society.
5. Because I am a Mathematics teacher, I would like to make them feel confident in learning Mathematics, so I suggest them to follow practice mantra, PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT. They are given a daily dose of sums and recreational stuff to master their Math skills.
6. For a perfect festive season, I would like to gift them a lesson of empathy and humanity so that they can be a part of beautiful, peaceful, healthy and harmonious world. 

Best wishes!!

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