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Monday, November 20, 2017

How do we better instill an idea of risk taking and struggle in students?

This blog is written for my contribution to posts written by Top Global Bloggers every month.
This months' questions are:
How do we do a better job of encouraging their failures rather than punishing them?

How can we better humanize success and show that it’s a matter of diligence rather than talent?

Rather than branding a child as a failure, it is always better to share success stories of great people, their life and struggles done by them.We do role plays in the school to create awareness in children about the path to success.If a child fails in an exam or does not qualify for an examination or do not succeed in first attempt then a positive treatment is needed to ensure that child should not stop and keep trying to achieve the desirable goals.
The other important thing which we follow as a teacher is that never ever compare two children. They may learn with different abilities, different speeds and at the same time they may have different interest areas.

Students are shared the importance of following traits during assembly.
1. Importance of time- Time plays an important role in once life. To achieve something great we need to work for long hours with defined goals in a right direction.
2. Consistent efforts
3. Hard work
4. Patience
5. Walking an extra mile
6. Positive attitude
7. Zeal, enthusiasm, Grit
8. Working with focus
9. Preparedness- This is an important element. Before we go for anything, planning is important. Its preparedness before action is important.
10. Plan B- Always have a plan B to move ahead. Many a times we fail and we stop working. The idea of having a plan B ready helps in keeping us doing our efforts till we get success.

I asked this question to my daughter who is pursuing B. Arch. She said, "More opportunities should be given to the students to explore themselves. Ample amount of time and support is a must for students to come up with ideas and solutions. It is not a one day process. Every human being is unique and has different abilities and capabilities".

I asked my colleague Ms. Anita Chadha who teachers English subject, to answer the first question.
How do we better instill an idea of risk taking and struggle in students?
In her reply she gave the following answer.
We have to aware our students that world does provide opportunities but at the same time they have to face many challenges. Therefore as teachers we have to prepare them to meet those challenges. There would be uncertainties posing a risk to their success or achievement. If they are focused and are ready to take risk they can overcome all the challenges. Every task has a risk and somehow I feel where there is risk involved the students enjoy resolving because they are completely engaged.
For instance if I ask my students to write an article on Cyber Bullying they would just write a few things they pick up from here and there. They might take someone's help and present it in the notebook. On the other hand if I ask them to conduct an online survey about Cyber Bullying preparing a questionnaire, collecting data in responses, assimilating, comparing  the facts gathered and then write a report I'm sure my students would love doing this task. They would have to put in a lot of effort in preparing questionnaire . There is uncertainty whether they get a good response or not. If not they would try to reach out to the people in different ways. One after another step where they might tumble , they would rise and do perpetually because their determination and focus would not allow them to go astray.  

I believe we can instill the idea of risk and struggle by engaging them in activities where they get a scope to use their life skills and strengthen them. They should know that life is not a bed of roses. They cannot be served everything and every time on a silver platter. When someone goes an extra mile they do more than is expected of them. Let them burn the candles at both the ends to meet their targets. 

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